Monday, March 18, 2013

Irish Cream Liquer

I found this recipe exploring my Grandma and Grandpa Storwick's recipe box last spring. After making it yesterday I will say it puts all other store bought Irish Creams to shame.This one is almost eggnog thick, and so creamy and flavorful. I imagine it could be made thinner by adding more coffee. I hosted a small gathering for St. Patrick's Day yesterday, and my sister loved the first batch of irish cream so much, that in no time it was half gone before the party even started. So I whipped up a second batch. It is so quick and easy to make. We did not go through all of that, but apparently it will keep for a month in the fridge! Moroccan coffees might have to happen soon!

 I just realized looking at this photo now that I only put in 3/4 cups Irish whiskey, which is probably why it was so thick, but I assure you it was still super tasty, and we had Jameson on the side for adding to our coffees with the irish cream. I made homemade chocolate syrup by just warming 8T or so of whipping cream and and chocolate chips to make a viscous ganache. Just eyeball it. I also did not use instant coffee, but just a couple ounces of my remaining french press pot of coffee. Finally, I added a smidge of fresh ground nutmeg, just for a little something extra. Maybe next time I will try to make it with the 1 and 3/4 cup whiskey!

Poured over homemade Guinness chocolate ice cream which Dave made :)

I hope everybody had a happy St. Patrick's Day. I did my third Shamrock Run, took care of my honey, and ended it on a high note with a corned beef dinner party with close friends. It was an exhausting weekend, but it ended happy.

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Nikki.O said...

This really sounds delicious. Plus Guinness ice cream, NOM! Proud of you for your running commitment!